I am honoured that you have chosen to take a few moments to learn about the work that I am offering and how I may be able to help you. My guiding principles for my practice are Align, Connect and Embody.

Healing is a process.

Healing is a process.

There are many layers and depths to our being, some on the surface and some tucked away waiting to be discovered. During the years of my own healing, I have found that as I align my body, mind and soul, connect with my inner and outer patterns with curiosity and embody and integrate these patterns with presence, I have been able to create a solid foundation for healing to occur.

This is what I offer you as well. A safe container, anchored in compassion and connection to help you discover and uncover who you really are. Together we will work with the patterns and layers that make up the mystery of you, weaving together your unique tapestry and integrating all aspects of your being into wholeness.

What the outcome will be is a more authentic and aligned version of you and your life.

Somatic Counselling

Somatic Transformation is a body-centred, relational methodology based in interpersonal neural psychology, ancient wisdom, and the somatic-emotional lived experience.


Hellerwork Structural Integration is a powerful combination of connective tissue (fascia) bodywork, functional movement education and somatic inquiry to integrate physical and emotional wellbeing.


My courses are designed to explore revolutionary practices, weaving cutting edge neuroscience with ancient body wisdom to regulate and nourish your nervous system.

We all have Several Things in Common

We are human beings with a body, we have a nervous system and most of us have had life experiences that have caused injury or pain and disrupted our growth and full potential.

Life has many challenges and most of us experience stress. Stress affects us on all levels, it affects our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic beings.

So many of us are having difficulty in life, whether it is feeling regulated, feeling good in our bodies, feeling safe and connected or feeling confident.

My wish for our work together is that you come out feeling connected to what makes you feel alive, feeling better in your body and to learn new ways to regulate your nervous system, find meaningful connections and be able to come out of surviving and into thriving.

I am here to witness and hold space for you while you discover yourself and embody your true birthright, which is vitality, wellbeing, alignment and a resilient nervous system.

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My hellerwork sessions with Melissa were amazing. She was caring, compassionate and knew instinctively what my body needed. Afterwards I felt whole again – in every way – body, mind and Spirit. Thank you!

Denise Clair Smith

Hellerwork Client

I have known Melissa personally and professionally for many years.  I have received bodywork from her and refer people from my own therapy practice to her regularly, because she is extremely skilled, and has helped me tremendously!

Lindsay Campa

Registered Massage Therapist, Yoga Therapist