Hello, I’m Melissa

I have been in the field of wellness, healing and body centered practices for 30 years. All of my unique life experiences have led me to where I am today. I am here to assist you on your journey to vitality and wellness.

Hello, I’m Melissa

I have been in the field of wellness, healing and body centered practices for 30 years. All of my unique life experiences have led me to where I am today. I am here to assist you on your journey to vitality and wellness.

I am here to witness and hold space for you…

While you discover yourself and embody your true birthright, which is vitality, wellbeing, alignment and a resilient nervous system.

I am also a

Certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner

Lead Hellerwork Structural Integration Trainer

Somatic Counselor/Coach

Safe and Sound Provider

Craniosacral Therapy Provider

Spiritual Mentor

Course Creator

Functional Medicine Practitioner

I have been in private practice for 20 years on Vancouver Island BC

My work in this life…

Is to help others discover their own truth and to empower and find freedom within!

More about Melissa

My life has been an incredible journey so far. I spent many years being curious about my body and my psychology. I am an explorer and an adventurer.

In my teens, I became curious about this “being in a body”. I began to seek out ways to explore my own inner healing, my body alignment, and emotional patterns. My curiosity led me to study Iyengar yoga and African dance. I explored these rich teachers for over 20 years, as well as movement practices that focused on embodiment and restoring rhythm.

One of my dreams was to work with other cultures and learn about their healing practices. My curiosity about belief and healing led me to study Cultural Anthropology at the University of California Santa Cruz. Here I focused on Medical Anthropology where we look through the lens of culture, belief and healing practices. While attending University, I was able to create a way to weave my passions of healing, culture, music and dance by designing a program where I traveled to Zimbabwe to study music and dance, learn about traditional healing practices through music, as well as help others with my gifts of healing.

I learned so much in Zimbabwe, not only about myself, but about people, resilience and community.

In 1999, after I graduated from UCSC, I attended Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts where I studied: Shiatsu, Chi Gong, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage.

After massage school I decided to return to Zimbabwe to continue my studies in music and dance, while going deeper into the rich culture and healing traditions.

Fast forward to 2002, I gave birth to my first son and lived a life of teaching and performing Zimbabwean music and dance while continuing to provide massage and healing to clients.

In 2007, while being a single mother I was called back to school to study Hellerwork Structural Integration. I fell in love with this work. I experienced deep profound changes in my body and my being. Hellerwork opened up many pathways of healing in my life. I became very aware of my nervous system and the generational patterns that I was repeating. I became curious about the word trauma and wanted to learn more.

In 2011, I started studying with Dr. Sharon Stanley. I attended her 2 year program of Somatic Transformation, becoming a Somatic Counsellor. I am forever grateful to have been able to go deep with this work and to honestly say that understanding my own patterns within my body, mind, emotions, and getting to my root beliefs have all been instrumental in my healing process.

Throughout these years I have also taken hundreds of hours of Continuing Education classes. Some of these include: Advanced Rolfing, Advanced Hellerwork, Craniosacral Workshops, Visceral Manipulation Training, Meditation Retreats, Breathwork Practices, Stephen Porges Safe and Sound Training and Functional Medicine.

In 2014, I gave birth to my second son and married a Rolfer. During this time my son came down with an autoimmune condition called PANS. This was the most difficult challenge of my life yet. I knew in my gut that we had to get to the root cause of his illness and to heal him. This sent me on a journey diving into functional medicine, where I attended the Institute of Functional Medicine to deepen my understanding of the gut, the brain, the immune system and toxicity. My son is almost recovered and even though this experience brought me to my knees my depth of empathy, compassion, trust and connection to source is more solid now than ever. I am now able to help clients all over the world understand how and why their systems have become out of balance and to help them get to the root cause of their suffering.

In 2015 I started the process of becoming a Hellerwork Trainer/Teacher.

Now in 2023 I am one of the Lead Trainers of Hellerwork SI at the Universal College of the Healing Arts in Omaha Nebraska.

I have a passion for sharing and teaching and developing online courses.

I am also a devoted spiritual seeker, meditator, nature lover, animal lover, mother, partner, dancer, plant lover and devoted student to the unfolding of this mystery we call life.

I currently have a thriving private practice in Duncan and Victoria, British Columbia. I live with my 2 boys, partner, 3 cats, dog and our chickens on the unceded traditional territory of the Quw’utsun Peoples on Vancouver Island.

I continue to grow and deepen and embody this work. I am dedicated to educate, connect, and support all of those who I work with. My mission is to help people find their vitality again! To find their purpose and to connect with who they really are.

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Since attending sessions with Melissa, my mobility has increased, my confidence in my own emotional stability is solid and I feel a peace and ease that wasn’t present before. Working trauma out of my body was exactly what I needed and Melissa is excellent at facilitating this. I have been able to let go, both physically and emotionally, of things that I previously held so tightly and debilitatingly in my body. Melissa’s compassion and non-judgment, along with her deep understanding of the muscular and nervous systems creates a space for true and lasting healing. She has been an amazing listener, a skilled Hellerwork practitioner and a gentle and kind guide for my healing journey. I really cannot speak highly enough of her knowledgeable approach to healing.

~ Georgia Collins